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Mini Sieve

Mini Sieve

It is the mini sieve made of stainless steel which the effective inside diameter of the sieve is 75mmø. And it is the special brush for cleaning of mini sieve.

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P/N Product name Price
UP-21 Cover and Saucer ¥9,100
UP-22 only Cover ¥3,600
UP-23 only Saucer ¥7,300
UP-24 Middle Saucer ¥8,200
P/N micron mesh Price
UP-11 500 30 ¥8,800
UP-12 250 60 ¥8,800
UP-13 150 100 ¥9,900
UP-14 106 140 ¥11,400
UP-15 75 200 ¥13,500

※It is all made of stainless steel except mini brush (brass).

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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