Glossary Glossary 用語集


We answer the questions to have physics and chemistry equipment (Crusher, Vial, Syringe) sale “Osaka chemical” approach well here.If you have any questions, as well as the following contents, feel free to inquire.

Can you sell your products with a special price in the case of the purchase in large quantities?
Yes, We consult according to the amount.
May I have the sample?
Please request it from Sample request page. There is a sample We can’t supply,please understand it.
Is it possible to buy your product directly from your company?
It is possible if you are dealer, but only the first time business becomes the shipment after the payment confirmation. If you are the user, please buy it from our product dealer.(There is an exception. ).Please inquire in detail.
In the case of a stock product, is it sent out on that day if I order it by what time?
Until 14:00 basically
Can you deal the product that isn’t published in WEB and catalogue?
There is the product of possible dealing, too. Please inquire of our company once. We will be limited to Fax or E-mail about an estimate.
Do you have a demonstration machine of a crusher?
We don’t rent the demonstration machine, but we have you send a sample for crush and We crush it in our company and can do test crushing.Please confirm it in detail on the page of each crusher. The salesman of our company can visit with the demonstration machine if it is in Kinki area in Japan.(The model is limited.)
Can I return or exchange the product?
I don’t basically accept returned goods and exchange such as an ordering goods, a large amount of number, and the passed one month after delivering. We receives it if other.
Can you order even from one or a small quantity?
Yes,sure. We will deal from one and come,please feel free to consult. When inquiring, We introduce a dealing company. So there is the case that send the product from the dealing company.
Is it all right in a short delivery date?
Yes, We will cope as much as possible by the short delivery date, but please understand it when it is out of stock depending on a case.
Can we order though our company is in the Kansai area out of the sphere?
Of course, it is possible.If you are in the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, we send it anywhere nationwide.
After buying the product, are returned products and the exchange possible?
If there are damage and loss by our responsibility at the time of delivery, we accept returned goods and exchange. (*We will make arrangements before the purchase, and contract mutual agreement of both parties. ) Because countermeasure is different by a manufacturer in the case of the expendable supplies, please inquire.
What is a test crush request?
The test crush is testing to crush at our company whether it’s possible to crush your sample normally or not. For the customer desired, please apply from the test crush request form. *We don’t perform the test crush that we use liquid nitrogen now.
When would you report the result of the test crush request?
We report it as soon as possible if the customer give us the information about the contents of the test crush.。However, it might take more than one week because it is difficult to check it at once in the content of the experiment on the test. Please understand it.
Can you order even the product which is not published in the homepage?
It is possible.But, there is a product that obtaining is difficult for an overseas manufacturer, too.
What kind of maintenance is necessary for a crusher?
If you have daily cleaning and change expendable supplies regularly, it is possible to use it for long term or more.
Can you come to have a meeting?
At first please consult, as it depends on the location area of the customer.
Is the support after the purchase perfect?
Our company have the maintenance service of the products.We stock a lot of expendable supplies and repair parts. Please contact us.Please see the page of guarantee in detail.
Please inquire when you have the thing you don’t understand and a question,etc.