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Privacy policy

Our company thinks about customer’s privacy the first. Therefore it is an important duty to handle personal information with caution that will collected from the customer.We observe related law of protection of personal information, and practice the following approaches when we handle personal information.

About the collection of personal information

When you use our site, to keep providing better service we might collect personal information.The range of the personal information to collect assumes it a minimum to achieve the purpose of the collection and in handling the personal information we observe Related law about protection of personal information and company regulations.

About management and the protection of the personal information

We perform appropriate management about the personal information that we collect and try to prevent the loss,destruction,falsification,unlawful computer access,and the leak.About the personal information of customer that we gather, we never disclose it without the agreement of the customer.In addition, other visitor can not read your personal information by access to this site.

About the use of the personal information

We use the personal information of the customer for the following purposes.

  • To inform a service and information of our product to the customer precisely.
  • For the identification when the customer uses our service.
  • To improve it to the site that can be satisfied more.
  • To develop new service.
  • To contact the customer if necessary.

Improvement of this policy

When the necessity of the revision occurred,this privacy policy is improved appropriately.

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About a banner link

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About a text link

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The rights about contents of all such as texts, images, HTML source , and programs that we publish in our site belong to us or original writer.You can’t use these contents exceeding the range admitted by the law such as the private copying.
The act that breaks the Copyright Law such as copy, alteration, reproduction, sale, and publishing without the permission of our company and an original writer is prohibited.