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ACE Pressure Bottle (Safety Plug Bottle)

We introduce Pressure Bottle (Safety Plug Bottle) of ACE GLASS Inc..

ACE Safety Plug Bottle

5555 ACE Safety Plug Bottle

  • It is the most basic pressure bottle that are set the teflon plug with FETFE O-ring and the safety coating bottle.
  • Pressure resistance : Using the high quality heavy-wall glass. The inside pressure is 100psi(about 7kg/c㎡) at the low temperature of -20℃.
  • Seal quality : Because it has the special quality of sealing and it has Teflon O-ring as the double sealing, the bottle is firmly sealed and is kept the seal quality. It is ideal for storage of the volatile and low boiling point sample.
  • Inertness : ACE pressure bottle is made of the high quality heavy-wall glass and the completely inert FETFE adapter.
  • Safety : It is used the heavy-wall glass that is hard to be damaged, in addition, it is coated the entire outside bottle with the clear film to raise safety.The coating film absorbs the scattering of the glass and the outflow of the internal medicine even if damaged. It is the bottle of the safety design that considers about quake resistance.
  • Though it is washed by the inert gas before filling the sample, the overoxidation formation doesn’t advance like the metallic bottle.
  • Adapter : It is used the Teflon adapter with anti-freezing FETFE O ring. We have four types according to the kind of adapter. They are the plug type, the stopcock type, the mininert valve type and inert valve type.
  • It is not suitable for use as a reactive bottle.


P/N Length of Tube(cm) Tube O.D.(mm) Ace Thread Capacity(mL) Price
5555-23 10.2 33.1 #15 50 ¥23,500
5555-25 12.0 64.7 #15 125 ¥35,200
5555-33 14.3 78.8 #15 250 ¥38,900

Replacement parts for ACE Safety Plug Bottle

Replacement Plug PTFE Plug #15 5846-48
Replacement O ring FETFE O Ring #15 (12/pk) 7855-716
ACE Stopcock Bottle

5555 ACE Stopcock Bottle

  • It is the Ace pressure bottle with Teflon stopcock.
  • You can use the tube of I.D. 1/4″.
  • It is possible to inject the sample by opening and closing the stopcock valve without removing the connector.


P/N Length of Tube(cm) Tube O.D.(mm) Ace Thread Mininert Shape Capacity(mL) Price
5555-50 10.2 33.1 #15-NPT
50 ¥46,400
5555-51 12.0 64.7 125 ¥58,100
5555-52 14.3 78.8 250 ¥61,800
Mininert Valve Bottle

5555 Mininert Valve Bottle

  • It is possible to sample it without exposing it to the atmosphere because it is attached the green and red switch on the top of Ace connector.


P/N Length of Tube(cm) Tube O.D.(mm) Ace Thread Capacity(mL) Price
5555-60 10.2 33.1 #15-NPT
50 ¥39,400
5555-61 12.0 64.7 125 ¥51,100
5555-62 14.3 78.8 250 ¥54,800
Inert Valve Bottle

5555 Inert Valve Bottle

  • It is the safety coating bottle that is installed the light weight and compact inert valve.
  • The passage of the sample can be freely set from 2 directions to 4 directions. 。
  • The valve is made of the Aluminium die-casting and the housing of Teflon.
  • Fitting size of the valve is the female screw of 1/4″-28, and various fittings can be used.


P/N Length of Tube(cm) Tube O.D.(mm) Ace Thread Capacity(mL) Price
5555-70 10.2 33.1 #15-NPT
50 ¥58,400
5555-71 12.0 64.7 125 ¥70,100
5555-72 14.3 78.8 250 ¥73,800

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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