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Force Mill

Force Mill
without the juice blade because discontinued


  • It has the large crush tank 300mL in the small size model.
  • The inside of the crush container is made of the stainless steel, and it is a crusher exclusive for dry samples.
  • Because you can divide the crush tank from the main body, and the can remove the cutter one-touch, you can wash it simply and can use it clean always.
  • You can crush various samples in one Force Mill by changing the plural different samples in each crush container.

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Model Number FM-1
Dimensions 105×113×221mm(H)
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 220W(Rating operation time 3minutes)
Rotational speed 22,000rpm
Weight 1.4kg
Capacity 300mL
Accessories Mill Blade
Price ¥15,000

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Crush data

Crush data
Sample Roasted tea Sugarcoated pill soybean
Amount of processing 10g 20g 40g
Operating time 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds
Powder state 95% 99% 95%

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Option : Crush tank(w/o the cover)

Option : Crush tank(w/o the cover)
P/N Product name Price
PN-J21 Crush tank (w/o the cover) ¥8,300
PN-J24 The cover for crush tank ¥3,500

Replacement Blade

Replacement Blade
P/N Product name Price
1:PN-J22 Juice Blade DISCON
2:PN-J23 Mill Blade ¥3,500

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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