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Plastic Cutting Mill

Plastic Cutting Mill
  • It crushes from the hard plastic board to the soft plastic tube regardless of hardness and softness neatly, and wide processing is possible by five kinds of filter mesh.
  • It crushes speedily with the strong body and the tough cutter.
  • You can set the rotation speed freely by the gear-change of without a break of 0-3000rpm.

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Model Number PLC-2M
Dimensions 210×290×240mm
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 200W
Crush room 50ø×25mm(D)
Hopper 62ø×122mm(H)
Rotational speed 0~3,000rpm(The gear-change of without a bleak)
Weight 13kg
Accessories Filter mesh 3 piece(20・40・60)
Price ¥450,000

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Inside of the crush tank

Inside of the crush tank


It is in condition to have opened the cover of the crusher front.
The cutter part is removable, and the maintenance become easy, too.

Crush data 1

Crush data1
Sample Polypropylene Teflon
Amount of processing 2g 1g
Rotational speed 2,400rpm 2,400rpm
Using mesh 20 14

Crush data 2

品名 PEEK Vinyl acetate
Amount of processing 1g 2g
Rotational speed 2,400rpm 2,400rpm
Using mesh 20 10



Product name Price
Filter mesh 10, 14, 20, 40, 60
( Please choose from each kind.)
Each ¥27,000
Hopper(with the cover) ¥16,000

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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