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Oster Blender (only supply the replacement parts cause of discontinuance)

Oster Blender
  • It is the Blender for crushing and mixture of medicinal herb and minerals.
  • The novel main body, strong power, speedy crush and reasonable price.
  • You can make the sample which fitted the wide use and purpose with the 16 phase rotational speed.
  • It can compensate the rough crushing and crushing shortage by the pulse function , and it is possible to confirm the state of crush start.
  • The crush tank can be assembled, resolved, and washed easily.
  • Please use 1.0L container for mixture and emulsification of liquid sample.

※The use of organic solvents is not possible to mix and emulsify of liquid, and to wash the container parts.

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Model Number ST-1
Dimensions 175×170×250mm(H)
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 450W
Rotational speed 10,300~15,700rpm
Weight 1.9kg
Capacity 250mL
Accessories 250mL mini glass bottle
Price Manufacturing discontinuance only supply the replacement parts

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Crush data 1

Crush data1
Sample Ginseng Soybean Alumina
Amount of processing 20g 50g 50g
Rotational speed 12,300rpm 13,100rpm 14,500rpm
Time 30 seconds 90 seconds 90 seconds
Powder state 98% 98% 98%

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P/N Product name Price
1:PN-T01 1.0L glass bottle DISCON
2:PN-T02 1.0L styrene bottle ¥10,000
3:PN-T03 1.0L SUS bottle ¥12,000
4:PN-T04 250mL glass mini bottle 5/pk ¥15,000
5:PN-T05 250mL styrene mini bottle 2/pk ¥8,000
6:PN-T06 SUS cutter ¥4,900
7:P-NT07 Base 3/pk ¥10,000
PN-T08 Seal made of silicon 10/pk ¥3,500

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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