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Wonder Cooling Crusher WC-3C

Wonder Cooling Crusher WC-3C

(with standard lid & minute crushing lid)


  • You can use the container with cooling jacket for Wonder crusher(WC-3/WC-3L).
  • It is the convenient crusher for crushin chocolate and frozen samples requiring a container internal temperature of zero degree or less.

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Model Number WC-3C (with standard lid & minute crushing lid)
Power source 100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,200W
Rotational speed/Variable 0~28,000rpm (no load)
Rating operation time 1 minute
Container dimensions 140×140×51mm(H)
Dimensions 170×170×330mm(H)
※While setting the container w/cooling jacket.
Nozzle size 10.5mmφ×length 27.54mm
Weight 5.8kg ※While setting the container w/cooling jacket.
Contents Power unit, 150mL SUS container w/cooling jacket
standard lid & minute crushing lid, Cleaner brush
Price ¥136,800

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Crush Data


Sample Cooling
Speed Sample Cooling
Chocolate bar -2.6℃ 5 sec 28,000rpm Chocolate snack 0.6℃ 5 sec 28,000rpm
大麦 大豆
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Image is for illustration purposes. Image is for illustration purposes.
(The refrigerator and circulation pump, etc. must be prepared separately.)

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Container Set

P/N Product name Price
PN-L15C 150ml SUS cooling container (w/standard lid) ¥70,000
PN-L15 150ml SUS container (w/standard lid) ¥55,000
PN-L16 75mL SUS container (w/standard lid) ¥50,000
PN-L20 200mL SUS container (w/standard lid) ¥70,000
PN-W03N Minute crushing lid (dust free) for 150mL container ¥30,000
PN-K06 Minute crushing lid for 75mL container ¥30,000
PN-L15C PN-L15
PN-L15C PN-L15
PN-L20 PN-L16
PN-L20 PN-L16
PN-W03N PN-K06
PN-W03N PN-K06

Maintenance Option1

P/N Product name Price
UP-49 Cutter removable kit(for PN-L15,L15C,L16) ¥6,000
UP-45 Cutter removable kit (for PN-L20) ¥7,000

Maintenance Option2

P/N Product name Price
UP-51WC Mill container resolution kit
(for 150mL SUS container)
UP-52WC Mill container resolution kit
(for 75mL SUS container)
UP-53WC Mill container resolution kit
(for PN-L15C&L20)

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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