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LAB Brush

  • It is the unique washing brush for exclusive use of glass containers for laboratories of BRUSHTECH Inc..
  • Because the important part of brush is made of the new structural foam with the very excellent performance, it is the strong sponge brush that lasts about ten times as much as compared with old brush.
LAB Brush
B55C (All-purpose Brush) B55C (All-purpose Brush)

All-purpose Brush

  • It is the all-purpose brush of variable shaping that fits various container such as narrow neck bottle, jar and Erlenmeyer flask.
  • Size : 430mm×20mmø
  • Bottom : 30mm
P/N Product name Price
B55C All-purpose Brush ¥1,450
B60C (Beaker Brush) B60C (Beaker Brush)

Beaker Brush

  • Brush for beaker and jar.
  • Size : 250mm×80mmø
P/N Product name Price
B60C Beaker Brush ¥1,200
B130C (Tall Beaker Brush) B130C (Tall Beaker Brush)

Tall Beaker Brush

  • Brush for cylinder and tall bottle
  • Size : 480mm×80mmø
P/N Product name Price
B130C Tall Beaker Brush ¥1,400
B225C (Test Tube Brush) B225C (Test Tube Brush)

Test Tube Brush

  • Brush spreads apart to fit all test tube sizes from the smallest to the largest.
  • Size : 230mm×20mmø
P/N Product name Price
B225C Test Tube Brush ¥800
B321C B321C

Cleaning Brush (Short)

  • Size : 215mm×52mmø
P/N Product name Price
B321C Cleaning Brush (Short) ¥1,200
B322C B322C

Cleaning Brush (Medium)

  • Size : 320mm×52mmø
P/N Product name Price
B322C Cleaning Brush (Medium) ¥1,300
B323C B323C

Cleaning Brush (Long)

  • Size : 420mm×52mmø
P/N Product name Price
B323C Cleaning Brush (Long) ¥1,350

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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