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Vacuum Reaction (Hydrolysis) Tube

  • The vacuum reaction tube is made of the high pressure glass tube and the teflon plunger plug that forms inertness and high vacuum seal.
  • This tube is ideal for analysis in the high vacuum environment such as the hydrolysis of peptide and protein, the sample concentration, freeze drying and hydrazine resolution.


1. Put the sample in the tube, and tighten it until the O ring of the teflon plug reaches to the wall of the tube.
2. Decompress the branch of the tube and make vacuum.
 Tighten the teflon plug to the shoulder of the tube when it becomes a moderate vacuum state, and keep the vacuum state.
3. Withstand temperatures of 150°C for 6-hour hydrolysis procedures
Reacti Vacuum Tube (PIERCE)

Reacti Vacuum Tube (PIERCE)

P/N Vol. Description Price
HT-1 1mL 8mmøx60mm-8mmø DISCON
HT-5 5mL 10mmøx100mm-9mmø DISCON
HT-8 8mL 10mmøx150mm-9mmø ¥31,600
HT-20 20mL 19mmøx100mm-13mmø DISCON
Mini Vacuum Tube (Reliance)

Mini Vacuum Tube (Reliance)

P/N Vol. Description Price
RT-1 1mL 8mmøx60mm-9mmø ¥18,000
RT-5 5mL 10mmøx100mm-9mmø ¥18,400
RT-8 8mL 10mmøx150mm-9mmø ¥18,400
RT-20 20mL 19mmøx100mm-13mmø ¥26,600
Reacti-Therm Heating Module

Reacti-Therm Heating Module(w/o stirrer)

P/N Product name Price
18870 Reacti-Therm Heating Module
18835 Reacti-Therm Heating Module

Reacti-Therm Heating Module(with stirrer)

P/N Product name Price
18970 Reacti-Therm Heating Module
18935 Reacti-Therm Heating Module
Aluminum Block

Aluminum Block


P/N Model Hole Diameter Hole Price
18801 A 14mmøx23mm(Depth) 13 ¥22,000
18802 B 21mmøx32mm(Depth) 9 DISCON
18803 C 15mmøx34mm(Depth) 13 ¥22,000
18804 D 15mmøx21mm(Depth) 13 ¥22,000
18805 E 24mmøx34mm(Depth) 8 ¥22,000
18812 L 12mmøx21mm(Depth) 16 ¥22,000
18814 Q 26mmøx46mm(Depth) 8 ¥22,000
18815 R 11mmøx45mm(Depth) 17 ¥22,000
18816 S 14mmøx45mm(Depth) 13 ¥22,000
18817 T 17mmøx45mm(Depth) 9 DISCON
18818 U 21mmøx45mm(Depth) 8 ¥22,000
18819 V 11mmøx35mm(Depth) 17 ¥22,000
Aluminum Block for Vacuum Tube
18806 F 10mmøx64mm(Depth) 8 DISCON
18807 G 19mmøx64mm(Depth) 4 DISCON
18808 H 8mmøx44mm(Depth) 8 DISCON


P/N Product name Price
18780 Evaporator (9-port) DISCON
18785 Evaporator (27-port) DISCON

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