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Color-It Fingertight Adapter

Color-It Fingertight Adapter

We recommend the Color-It snap-on fingertight extensions for color coding our 1/4″ hex-head nuts. Color-It adapters are useful for color coding different solvent lines, plus they turn your hex-head nuts into fingertight fittings in an instant. Color-It adapters are available in six different colors (blue, yellow, green, black, white, and red). They can be used with our PEEK and stainless steel hex-head nuts for 1/16″ OD tubing.


Available Tubing O.D. Threads MPa


Color-It Fingertight Adapter

P/N Color Description Quantity Price
55010 Blue For 1/4" Hex-Head Nuts 5 ¥900
55011 Yellow 5 ¥900
55012 Green 5 ¥900
55013 Black 5 ¥900
55014 White 5 ¥900
55015 Red 5 ¥900
55016-12 All Color 2 each color
12 ¥2,200

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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