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Last Drop Mobile Phase Filter

Last Drop Mobile Phase Filter
  • The Last Drop mobile phase filter utilizes a flat filter element which sits parallel to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • This design allows the filter to draw all but the last 2% of the mobile phase from the reservoir without drawing air into the system. Conventional cylindrical mobile phase filters begin to draw air into the system when as much as 10% of the solvent remains in the reservoir.
  • The body is constructed of PTFE, with either a 1/4"-28 female fitting (PEEK nut and ETFE ferrule supplied) or a tripod (stepped) tubing connector which accommodates 1.5, 2.2, and 3.5 mm ID tubing. We recommend the metal-free PTFE version for sensitive biochromatography applications where metal surfaces may corrode and contaminate the solvent with ions.


Connector type Available Tubing Body Threads
Tripod ID: 1.5, 2.2, 3.5mm PTFE
Fitting 1/8" PTFE 1/4"-28


PTFE Filter

P/N Connector type Porosity(μm) Quantity Price
9X-0520 Tripod 2.5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0520F Fitting 2.5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0521 Tripod 5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0521F Fitting 5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0522 Tripod 10 1 ¥5,000
9X-0522F Fitting 10 1 ¥5,000


Stainless Steel Filter (SS316)

P/N Connector type Porosity(μm) Quantity Price
9X-0530 Tripod 2.5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0530F Fitting 2.5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0531 Tripod 5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0531F Fitting 5 1 ¥5,000
9X-0532 Tripod 10 1 ¥5,000
9X-0532F Fitting 10 1 ¥5,000

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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