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All Plastic Disposable Syringe (general medical devices)

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  • It is the all plastic disposable syringe of HENKE in Germany.
  • The barrel is made of polypropylene, and the plunger is made of polyethylene.
  • Because the plunger is not the usual fit-in type that is put in the rubber tip on the top of plunger but the all-in-one plunger made of polyethylene, there is no danger of detachment of the tip and plunger.
  • Because it has the special ring that prevents the jumping out of the plunger, there is no worry that the plunger jumps out from the barrel even if no matter how strong the back pressure is.
  • Because the rubber tip is not used in the seal part of the plunger, you can use this without the worry about the elution of the rubber origin.
  • These products are general medical devices (CLASSⅠ27B3X00265000001).
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Special Feature


  • The barrel is made of polypropylene, and the plunger is made of polyethylene.
  • There is no worry of the elution of the rubber and silicone oil origin, because we do not use the rubber and silicone oil.


  • The syringes of 2mL-50mL except 30mL have the convenient extended graduation..


  • To protect the syringe from the pollutant such as dust that is undesirable, the syringes are wrapped with the blister pack one by one.
Blister Pack


  • Because it is wrapped in blister pack, syringes do not touch directly each other.
    Because the abrasion of barrel and scale by friction is prevented and the damage of barrel itself is prevented, you can use it at ease.


  • All our Norm-Ject™ syringes have been processed with EOG(ethylene oxide gas) sterilization.

Luer Tip

  • We have seven size to 1mL-50mL.
  • Because it is the slip-on type that is easy to put on and take off, it is convenient for the usage of frequency exchange of the needle and the adaptor.

P/N Capacity
(Extended Graduation)
Specifications Quantity Price
Barrel Plunger
S4010-LT 1mL (None) Polypropylene Polyethylene 100/pk ¥3,200
S4020-LT 2mL (3mL) 100/pk ¥2,000
S4050-LT 5mL (6mL) 100/pk ¥2,200
S4100-LT 10mL (12mL) 100/pk ¥3,300
S4200-LT 20mL (24mL) 100/pk ¥4,300
S4830-LT 30mL (None) 50/pk DISCON
HJ4830-LT 30mL (None) 50/pk ¥11,500
S4850-LT 50mL (60mL) 30/pk DISCON
HJ4850-LT 50mL (60mL) 30/pk ¥11,500
Luer Tip Luer Tip

Luer Lock

  • We have four size to 2mL-50mL.
  • It has the screw mouth that fix the needle and the adaptor of the Luer hub type without coming off during using.

P/N Capacity
(Extended Graduation)
Specifications Quantity Price
Barrel Plunger
S4020-LL 2mL (3mL) Polypropylene Polyethylene 100/pk ¥3,500
S4050-LL 5mL (6mL) 100/pk ¥5,100
S4100-LL 10mL (12mL) 100/pk ¥6,500
S4200-LL 20mL (24mL) 100/pk ¥8,900
S4830-LL 30mL (None) 50/pk DISCON
HJ4830-LL 30mL (None) 50/pk ¥11,500
S4850-LL 50mL (60mL) 30/pk DISCON
HJ4850-LL 50mL (60mL) 30/pk ¥9,500

Luer LockLuer Lock

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