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VICI Syringe Series C, D

We introduce VICI Syringe Series C, D.

Series C

  • The C type is reinforced with metal in the front parts and the back of barrel.
  • The plunger never comes off under what high pressure because of the rear stop type.
  • The sample lock cannot be done though it is the same as series A-2 type.
Series C
P/N Capacity Price
030025 100μL ¥10,900
030031 250μL ¥11,400
030032 500μL ¥11,400
030033 1mL ¥11,400
030034 2mL ¥11,900
030035 5mL ¥12,200
030036 10mL ¥13,000

Series D

  • Though it is precise syringe, it is very economical syringe.
  • It is the same as other Pressure-Lok® syringe, such as the leak-tight Teflon plunger tip or no dead volume barrel design. But it is not attached the Lock-in valve and the rear clasp.

Series D
P/N Capacity Price
040033 1mL ¥10,600
040034 2mL ¥10,600

※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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