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FINNERAN Snap Ring Vial and Accessories

    Snap Ring Vial

      Diameter:12øx32mm Capacity:2mL
      Mouth inner diameter:6mm Neck size:11mm

      P/N Vial Specifications Quantity Price
      32011S 2mL Clear Vial 100/pk ¥1,700
      32011S-A 2mL Amber Vial 100/pk ¥1,800
      32011SE 2mL Clear Vial with Label 100/pk ¥2,200
      32011SE-A 2mL Amber Vial with Label 100/pk ¥2,400
      Snap Ring Vial

      Polymer Snap Vial

        Neck size:11mm

        P/N Capl Specifications Quantity Price
        30111P 0.1mL PP Vial Milky-White 100/pk ¥2,200
        30111CP* 0.1mL PP Vial Clear 100/pk ¥2,200
        30111T 0.1mL TPX Vial Clear 100/pk ¥2,900
        30511P 0.5mL PP Vial Milky-White 100/pk ¥1,800
        30511P-A 0.5mL PP Vial Amber 100/pk ¥2,200
        30511CP* 0.5mL PP Vial Clear 100/pk ¥1,900
        30511T 0.5mL TPX Vial Clear 100/pk ¥2,900
        30711P 0.75mL PP Vial Milky-White 100/pk ¥1,800
        30711CP* 0.75mL PP Vial Clear 100/pk ¥1,900
        30711T 0.75mL TPX Vial Clear 100/pk ¥2,700
        31511P 1.5mL PP Vial Milky-White 100/pk ¥2,500
        * The CP type is PP resin having higher transparency than normal polypropylene (PP).
        Polymer Snap Vial
        Polymer Snap Vial

        PE Snap Ring Seal

          Neck size:11mm

          P/N Capl Specifications Quantity Price
          5240-11□ Snap Seal, PTFE/Red Rubber (Cap color choice) 100/pk ¥2,600
          5250-11□ Snap Seal, PTFE/Silicone (Cap color choice) 100/pk ¥3,700
          5260-11□ Snap Seal, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE (Cap color choice) 100/pk ¥4,400
          5270-11C Clear Snap Seal, PTFE/Silicone with Slit 100/pk ¥5,300
          *The snap cap seal can choose the cap color with five colors.
            Please fill in the following alphabet on X part of the model number.
           C=Clear, B=Blue, G=Green, R=Red. Y=Yellow
          PE Snap Ring Seal

          ※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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