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Mini Blender

Mini Blender 2


  • Although it is small type, it has powerful crushing strength with rotational speed of 21,000rpm.
  • It demonstrate speedy crushing power for the analysis of the sample and for the quality control.
  • It is the crusher of the handy type in the laboratory as necessaries.
  • It is the crusher suitable for crushing a small amount of dry sample such as tablets, tea leaves and cereals.
  • The sample cup and the cutter are made of stainless steels.
  • Because the sample cup and the cutter are built into the main body and fixed, it is impossible to crush the thing that gushes out from the sample during crushing and the thing including moisture.(It is impossible to wash the sample cup in water.)
  • We sale the change parts of the switch cover and the cutter with an extreme consumption.

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Model Number MB-2
Dimensions 98mmø×185mmH
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 120W
Rotational speed 21,000rpm
Weight 720g
Capacity 100mL(Crush capacity 50mL)
Cleaner brush, Switch brush
Price ¥7,500



Crush data

Sample 1:Barley 2:Soybeans 3:Tablets
Amount of processing 10g 10g 10g
Crush example Barley Soybeans Tablets
Crush condition
500μ grains are distributed comparatively a lot in crushing time of 30 seconds. Next was well-balanced grain distribution such as 250μ,150μ and 75μ.
500μ grains are distributed the most in crushing time of 30 seconds. This sample is hard to crush finely because of oils and fats.
150μ grains are distributed the most in crushing time of 30 seconds. And the rest of them ,the film dregs over 500μ and the grains of 250μ,150μ,75μ was almost equivalent.
※We compiled the result that sifted by the Mini Sieve (500,150,75μ) actually as a crush state.



Option:Change parts

P/N Product name Price
1:PN-J61 Switch cover ¥800
2:PN-J62 Exchange blade (made of SUS) ¥1,300
3:PN-J59 Mini brush (large and small set) ¥1,300
4:UP-3 Shaft holder (Cutter exchange assistance tool ) ¥1,500

※This is incompatible with former model (MB-1).Please be careful.

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※All prices are indicated excluding tax.

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