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Wonder Blender

Wonder Blender
  • This crusher has the super-high-speed rotation and strong motor power of 700W. So it crushes instantly from hard sample to soft samples such as crude drugs, cereals, medicinal herbs, minerals, ceramics, chips of wood and clothes etc. if they are dry.
  • Even the sugar-coated pill and the tablets with coating film can be crushed neatly together with the film.
  • The main body is made of the metal, the container part is made of the stainless steel that resists rust, and the crush cutter is adopted in SUS420.

※Please use the nitride processing cutter for crushing minerals, ceramics, and glasses.

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Model Number WB-1
Dimensions 134ø×270mm
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 700W
Rotational speed 25,000rpm
Weight 3.6kg
Capacity 150mL
Accessories Minute crush cover, Cleaner brush
Price ¥96,000

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Crush data

Crush data


Sample Bulb of Aconitum Cloth(cotton) Ceramics
Amount of processing 50g 5g 50g
Operating time 30seconds 30seconds 30seconds
Crush state Powder cottony Powder


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Option for WB-1

Option for WB-1
P/N Product name Price
PN-W01 SUS container ¥18,000
PN-W02 Normal cover ¥20,000
PN-W03 Minute crush cover ¥22,000
PN-W04 Normal cutter ¥3,500
PN-W04N Normal cutter(vacuum hardening) ¥9,000
PN-W06 Felt O-ring
(Inside and outside set )
PN-W52 Proof cover ¥1,800
PN-W53 SUS connection screw
(3 or 4 piece)
UP-49 Cutter removable kit ¥6,000
Because there are for old model and for new model, please mind these parts.

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