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Wonder Crush/Mill

Wonder Crush/Mill


  • This crusher has equal crushing ability with larger container than Wonder Blender WB-1, and because the crush tank is large it is possible to throw in the solid sample of 2cm corner.
  • It has four blades that are set the mill blade on the V blade to crush efficiently.
  • It equips the motor of 1,000W to crush the mass sample.
  • It is the appropriate model to crush the mass sample at a time.
  • The main body is made of the metal, the container part is made of the stainless steel that resists rust.

※The minute crush cover is not attached to this Wonder Crush/Mill.

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Model Number WDL-1
Dimensions 162ø×298mm(H)
Power source AC100V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,000W
Rotational speed 25,000rpm
Weight 4.6kg
Capacity 200mL
Accessories Cleaner Brush
Price ¥124,000

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Crush data

Crush data


Sample Crystal glass Quartz
Amount of processing 300g 300g
Operating time 20 seconds 20 seconds
Crush state Granular Granular

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Option for WDL-1

Option for WDL-1
P/N Product name Price
PN-W11 SUS container ¥25,000
PN-W12 Normal cover ¥25,000
PN-W13 Mill cutter ¥4,500
PN-W13N Mill cutter(vacuum hardening) ¥10,000
PN-W14 V cutter ¥4,500
PN-W14N V cutter(vacuum hardening) ¥10,000
PN-W15 Felt O-ring ¥1,000
UP-45 Cutter removable kit ¥7,000

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